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1 Apr, 2020

Accreditation Matters!

Why does having an accredited installer matter? In addition to understanding a safe and standardised process for installing solar systems, a fully accredited installer means that they are passionate ...

25 Mar, 2020

Ask Your Installer: "Are you Accredited?"

Don’t be afraid to ask your installer if they are accredited! The CEC requires all installers to go through an accreditation process, to ensure that all solar procedures are approached in a saf ...

18 Mar, 2020

Going Beyond Quality of Products

It’s not just the quality of products that you should be mindful of! Unscrupulous companies are well known for luring customers in with cheap prices and then leaving them high and dry when thin ...

11 Mar, 2020

Making the Right Decision with Solar

Making the proper investment in solar means entrusting the right business with your project. With so many solar companies out there, how can you be sure that you’re making the right decision? ...

4 Mar, 2020

How to Determine Whether your Installer uses Top Quality Products...

26 Feb, 2020

Quality is the Best Investment You'll Ever Make

Why invest in quality? When you focus on quality over price, you’re not just receiving good products and great service… Overall, what you are really receiving at the core – is care. ...

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