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20 Nov, 2019

Getting Shady with your Solar System

Our Tip: Don’t get shady with your solar system! It’s more ideal if your installation avoids shady areas completely. Sometimes, this can’t be avoided…but luckily, an intuit ...

13 Nov, 2019

What these Products are Capable Of

Intuitive user design is one of the best parts about making the switch to solar. For clients who have Fronius products installed as part of their system, their website and phone app allows you to mo ...

6 Nov, 2019

How to Navigate around Making the Switch

Solar power – for most businesses or homeowners, making the switch like navigating the “new frontier.” With the market currently saturated with so many solar companies, products and po ...

30 Oct, 2019

Quality = Priceless

Quality doesn’t mean “expensive,” it means PRICELESS. Our 10-year Workmanship Warranty means that we only use the BEST quality components and hardware. Many clients often assume ...

16 Oct, 2019

It doesn't have to be that Complicated

Solar is a relatively new technology, so it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the process of making the switch – after all, you’re putting a significant investment into some ...

6 Oct, 2019

A Day in the Life

Our principal Solar Specialist and Owner, Nathan, bolting down the last few bits of these 350W REC Twinpeak panels. We can’t wait for our clients to experience the benefits of having this on t ...